37 minutes | Jan 7th 2021

Using Virtual Reality to Create Social Impact

Kevin Sofen is the Business Development Manager at Darley, a business supplies and equipment company. He helps bring water and fire technologies to market using creative strategies to serve humanity. Darley has been proudly serving first responders and warfighters since 1908. Kevin has helped to evolve a 112-year old family business by embracing innovation in traditional industries.

Kevin is also the Founder and CEO of Wristsponsible, which brings water awareness, water funding, and water solutions to the world. They raise financial capital for water projects by the sale of artisan craft wristbands, incentivized crowdfunding campaigns, and corporate sponsorship social impact alignment. He is also the Co-Founder and Board Member of Box of Rain Water, Board Member of The Comics For Safety Foundation, and Co-Founder of the SDG Talks Podcast.

In this episode…

Did you know that you can create an e-commerce product and use virtual reality to generate impact in the world? Did you also know that you can use virtual reality to train your employees and improve their skill sets?

Kevin Sofen, the Business Development Manager at Darley, is Dr. Jeremy Weisz's guest in this episode of Relationship Commerce. In conversation, Kevin explains how you can use virtual reality to provide training and make a difference. He also talks about his side hustle giving back to communities in developing countries and his work at Darley.

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