38 minutes | Jan 21st 2021

Protecting Your e-Commerce Site—and Your Reputation

Matt Gillis is the CEO of Clean.io, a cyber-security company that helps put an end to malicious code and protect user experiences. Clean.io has powered the protection of over 7 million sites globally. With their cyber-security solutions, Clean.io can give e-commerce companies the ability to block unwanted coupon extensions, protecting your revenue and profit margins.

Matt has more than 20 years of mobile, media, and technology experience with a history of building and operating companies from startup to scaled global market leaders. With his expertise and polished skillset, Matt has delivered over $1B in annual revenues.

In this episode…

Has your e-commerce business been affected by unauthorized coupon extensions on your website? Have you tried to get rid of them but failed? Matt Gillis from Clean.io has the solution.

In this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast, Dr. Jeremy Weisz from Rise25 Media is joined by Matt Gillis, the CEO of Clean.io, to share how the company's digital platform can help protect your e-commerce store from unauthorized coupon extensions and malvertising. Matt explains what malvertising means, how your e-commerce site can be attacked, and how you can protect your website and reputation through Clean.io’s platform.

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