42 minutes | Dec 24th 2020

"Project Anaconda" - From Startup to Scaleup and Almost Going Bankrupt

Martin Zahuranec is the Co-Founder and CEO of eyerim, a premium eyewear company operating in 12 countries across Europe featuring a range of products from sunglasses to prescription frames and snow goggles. The company sells designer pieces, mainstream classics, and cutting-edge sports collections. With the success of eyerim, Martin has become one of the fastest growing e-commerce players in Central and Eastern Europe.

In this episode…

Do you have a winning team for your e-commerce brand? Do you have the right exit strategy for your business? 

In this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast, Dr. Jeremy Weisz talks to Martin Zahuranec, the Co-Founder and CEO of eyerim, about his strategies for scaling a premium product in Europe. They also talk about Martin's career background in Vietnam and Vienna, finding the right business partner for your company, and managing inventory for your growing brand.

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