32 minutes | Jan 12th 2021

Practicing Sustainability with Your e-Commerce Products

Shane Boudreau is the CEO of LumberUnion, an apparel company that sells USA-made products. Every purchase from LumberUnion plants a tree in the USA, in partnership with American Forests. When possible, LumberUnion works with local factories in Los Angeles, California to produce fabric, cut, sew, dye, and package their casual luxury clothing. Some of their bags and accessories are produced overseas.

Shane is a strategic and proactive leader with extensive experience implementing effective strategies and directing/building high performing teams to achieve consistent growth and long-term financial strength. He uses his expertise in agile management and predictive analysis to drive organizations ahead of their competition. Shane is also the CEO of VestIn Capital Group, which helps to fund innovation through training, management, and advisory services.

In this episode…

Do you produce your own physical products for your e-commerce business? If you do, how do you dispose of the waste? Do you take out the trash in a way that’s environmentally-friendly—or ecologically disastrous?

In this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast, Dr. Jeremy Weisz is joined by Shane Boudreau, the CEO of LumberUnion, to explain how you can avoid polluting the environment while producing your e-commerce products. Shane shares his strategies for creating zero impact on the environment and explains how you can make improvements on your e-commerce website to make it customer-friendly—and increase sales.

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