38 minutes | Oct 15, 2021

Episode 26: Unlocking the UK’s Floating Wind Potential

Floating offshore wind is an essential ingredient for the UK’s energy future. Only by pushing installations into deeper waters will we be able to meet our net-zero targets for renewable energy output by 2050. Floating wind will bring investment and support direct and indirect jobs, often in economically and socially deprived areas. In the UK alone, studies have shown that floating wind could create 29,000 jobs and generate £43 billion for the UK economy by 2050. So how is the UK developing this vibrant, indigenous floating offshore wind industry? We're joined by three industry experts to explore this question and more. Úna Brosnan - Offshore New Markets Manager, Mainstream Gavin MacKay - Head of Energy Industries at Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Member of the DeepWind Cluster Steering Group Ralph Torr - Programme Manager for the Floating Offshore Wind Centre of Excellence, ORE Catapult
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