41 minutes | Jun 30, 2020

Episode 11. Hydrogen and Offshore Wind. A Marriage Made In Heaven?

With the UK now well underway in working towards net-zero by 2050, the way we produce, use and store energy is changing. Our sources of power, heating and transport must decarbonise if we are to achieve the net-zero targets outlined by the Committee on Climate Change, but current methods of offshore renewable energy production cannot achieve this alone. This is where Green Hydrogen comes in. In the latest Re-Energise podcast episode, want to dive head-first into the world of hydrogen to try and understand its place in the ever evolving offshore renewable energy sector. Our experts scope out the future possibilities, reveal key research from ORE Catapult on hydrogen-offshore wind integration and introduce new ground-breaking community projects being launched this year. Gavin Smart joined ORE Catapult in April 2014 and holds the post of Head of Analysis & Insights. He is responsible for developing and maintaining ORE Catapult’s financial and economic modelling, which feeds directly into the organisation’s commercial strategy. He has previously worked as Senior Investment Analyst for a major European utility and offshore wind developer, as well as a Valuation and Business Modelling consultant in the Middle East. David Wallace is ORE Catapult’s Senior Strategy Manager. He is responsible for aligning ORE Catapult's business strategy with its mission to drive technology developments that enable a vibrant offshore renewable energy sector capable of delivering major benefits to the UK economy. He brings a wealth of experience in shaping policy on renewable energy with the UK Government, and at international level, including for the International Energy Agency, and UN agencies. Stephanie Mann is an Innovation Manager at ORE Catapult with a particular interest in novel technologies that could potentially disrupt the renewable energy sector. Prior to joining the Catapult, Stephanie came to the end of a four-year EngD with the Industrial Doctoral Centre for Offshore Renewable Energy (Idcore), working especially with novel wind in the data science team at E.ON. Kacper Stefaniakis ORE Catapult’s Strategy Analyst responsible for roadmapping activities and supporting development of strategic initiatives that are necessary to meet the UK’s net-zero targets by 2050 (e.g. Milford Haven: Energy Kingdom). He is leading on the industry-wide innovation and policy roadmapping for Offshore Wind Innovation Hub. Prior to joining ORE Catapult, Kacper worked for McKinsey & Company. Angeliki Spyroudi is Strategy Analyst at ORE Catapult who examines industry trends to give strategic insights of the offshore renewable energy market and has produced a variety of studies on cost modelling for novel technologies in the renewable energy space. She has most recently authored the cost analysis section of the final report for 'Solving the Integration Challenge Project'. Angeliki holds and MSc in Environmental Management and an MSc in Renewable Energy Technology. Keep your eyes peeled for the 'Solving the Integration Challenge' that will be produced by ORE Catapult later this month. Visit ore.catapult.org.uk and follow us @ORECatapult
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