145 minutes | Jun 2, 2021

Ep.99 "Training For The Ballet Potter?"

This week on The Reel Debaters Jimmy, Martin and Micheal knight Charles Fernandes from The Nerdgasm an honorary "debater" which means nothing more than we love the guy, Jimmy watches Mean Girls (Netflix) to get ready for a future debate with the CC and Olie Show, Micheal digs deeper into animation with Castlevania (Netflix), Charles goes down feel good memory lane with Lord Of The Rings (Dvd) and Martin reminds Micheal why Cobra Kai (Netflix again...) is awesome all while debating who came up with the best made up real life quiditch team. Yes, we know we're a bunch of muggles. Rules Draft a 4 person team and fill all 4 positions being Seeker, Chaser, Blocker and Keeper You're the acting General Manager so all decisions go through you No Super Powers Land based quiditch rules apply Bonus Points for team coach Have an idea for the show, email thereeldebaters@gmail.com
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