131 minutes | Jul 22, 2021

Ep.103 "Thats So Fetch"

This week on The Reel Debaters Michael and Jimmy welcome Ciera Friedberg and Olivia Rain from the CC and Ollie show to recast the The Plastics from 2004’s Mean Girls. We're going back 17 years kids, thats nuts! We also get the chance to find out about their sketch comedy, learning how to skateboard, tick tock, pitching netflix, making stuff in pandemic and lots more. New best friends guys, new best friends.  Debate: Pick 4 other characters from film or television and recast Gretchen, Cady, Regina and Karen with any other charcter from film or telvision. Fight till pain of death to see who wins.  Website The Prop Shop Merch Store  Buy us A Coffee Youtube CC and Ollie Have an idea for the show , email thereeldebaters@gmail.com 
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