30 minutes | Apr 7th 2017

Episode 3: Meet J07843

In the days following the murder, Jason knew two things — keep moving and stay out of sight, but he also knew he couldn't run forever. _____________________________________________________________ CREATED, WRITTEN, AND HOSTED BY: Johnny Kovatch + Ariela Kozin EXECUTIVE PRODUCED BY: Jesse Lee PRODUCED BY: Zarna Surti POST PRODUCTION: Resonate Recordings THEME BY: Erik Jourgensen + Josh Miller COMPOSED BY: Erik Jourgensen CREATIVE ASSISTANCE: Sarah Hurley GRAPHIC DESIGN BY: Van Run AUDIO ENGINEERED BY: Yimu Xue SPECIAL THANKS TO: Jason Clark, Mariah Lucas, James Garbarino, Javier Stauring, Josh Miller, the ARC, Inside Out Writers, Michelle Lee, + Anneliese Pomering James Garbarino's book, Listening To Killers, is available for purchase here: http://amzn.to/2nmAoSp