50 minutes | Oct 17, 2015

Special Edition – Agrego Explained and Domogo Relation to it

  Agrego is: A fully transparent management & incubation platform that seeks to fulfill 3 broad goals: Redefine the way that wealth is produced, used and distributed Create a cycle of opportunity that seeks to lift as many people as possible permanently out of poverty Create a platform for mass philanthropic participation by simply living life normally (fulfil the role that Charities can not) Immutables of an Agrego Company? Becomes fully transparent both financially and operationally. Must simplify financial information that people care about ( management salaries, separation of administration costs etc…) Live streamed, recorded and publically posted board meetings without edits All owners/shareholders will have total possible earnings capped to reasonable salaries which will be prominently & publicly displayed Will work to develop staff towards individual goals and passions Will strive to create the most ethical service or product achievable with the resources available to them Work towards a philanthropic cause Pay a percentage of revenue back to Agrego for funding future Agrego companies Hacking Capitalism and Using it as a Tool for Good Agrego models are formed similarly to the way one would think about constructing a computer virus: We design micro businesses that exploit industry vulnerabilities and are then able to quickly replicate and spread.  Instead of trying to create new resources and methodolgies we latch onto the existing systems and hack it into a force for doing good. We exploit vunerablitites by targeting industries, products or services that: Have poor public perception / reputation Have low employee morale / known for poor worker treatment We try to improve the likelyhood and ease of  replication or expansion by ensuring our starting models: Have relatively low startup costs Have relatively low learning curves in operation, management or ownership  Have natural product or service offshoots that match the first two criteria Can have branches / sub elements handed off to beneficiaries Agrego today Agrego today is a volunteer board of directors. Agrego will later be a holding company and a headquarters of sorts that provide franchise type services to Agrego companies.   We are actively working to prove the Agrego model via 3 case studies. The first of the 3 case studies we are building, is Domogo. Domogo? (Domo + Go) “Do
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