97 minutes | Oct 30, 2015

Floating Schools – FOCUS Foods Inc – Why Not Charity? – TRP004

Richard, Joshua & Gareth are back for another episode of the social enterprise podcast, Redefine. Note: if you can't see the links below then visit us at bit.ly/redefine004 This week on The Redefine Podcast (TRP) we discuss: Rededinitions of the Week: * Gareth leads with a redefintion of "David Cameron" to...well you'll have to listen to find out.  Link to Gareth's source. * Richard Redefines a country to "Smoke Monster" while slipping in mention of one of his favorite TV shows, Lost.  Link to Richard's source. * Joshua praises Imprimis Pharmaceuticals Inc. for their annoucned release of a low cost life saving pill while a different ocompany  tried to gouge their customers literally to death  Link to Joshua's source. Social Enterprise Heroes of the Week:  * Richard - Floating Solar Powered Schools in Bangladesh  * Gareth - Free Unversity Grade Courses in Social Entrepreneurship  * Joshua - FOCUS Foods Inc. Changing the Way Supermarkets Get Fresh Produce & Fish Watch FOCUS Foods Inc Video Here Agrego's wins and losses of the week along with Richard making Josh sound like a complete jerk. And finally our controversial topic: Why Not Charity?  Reach out to us on social media at: * facebook.com/projectagrego * twitter.com/project_agrego * twitter.com/JoshuaBMaddox * twitter.com/RichardMands * twitter.com/GarethSidwell Ask questions on social media or use hashtags: * #RedefinePodcast * #ProjectAgrego
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