52 minutes | Oct 13, 2015

Disappointment – The Social Entrepreneur’s Playbook – MVP’s — TRP002 

Disappointment seems to be in the air in the 2nd episode of The Redefine Podcast, let's hope that doesn't extend to our listeners! Redefinition of the Week:  A certain British Media Outlet is redefined as "Disappointment". Social Enterprise Hero of the Week: Joshua's Hero of the Week: Ian C. MacMillan & James D. Thompson, Co-authors of The Social Entrepreneur's Playbook. Joshua discusses the half read book and some comparisons to Lean methodologies. Richard's Hero of the Week: "Social Entrepreneurship" as a whole for the comparatively positive proportion of women in leadership positions in social enterprises and social businesses vs. solely for profit SME's and FTSE companies. Main Discussions:  * Why twitter is a thing * Media Bias * Minimal Viable Products and how they relate to social outcomes & even podcasts.  
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