12 minutes | Jul 21st 2020

How To Get The Right Candidate and Client Fit Every Time You Hire with Solutions Driven's 6F Framework

Welcome to Episode # 8 of The Recruitment Intelligence Podcast my name is Robert Gillespie and in today’s episode I’m talking candidate engagement with Danny Biello, our Delivery Operations Leader here at Solutions Driven. 

A key skill for any recruiter or hiring manager to master is how they engage a candidate throughout the hiring process…and Danny is a master at this! 

There’s so many factors that go into a company’s final decision on whether they’ve found the dream candidate or not. But not every company has a documented process in place to identify if the candidate sees your company as the perfect match as well. And that lack of process can cost you a lot of wasted time, money and effort during the hiring process if you get it wrong! 

So in this episode Danny shares our approach to finding that perfect candidate/client match so you can steal or model some of the best bits. It’s an approach we call the 6F’s. And we credit this approach for why we’ve been able to achieve a “97% Right Hire, First Time” success rate over the last 3 years. So what are the 6F’s? Listen on to find out.