63 minutes | Sep 24, 2020

#133 - The Shoulds of the Past & the Anxieties of the Future (re-release) - with Shizu Okusa & Jerry Colonna

Along the entrepreneurial journey there comes a time and place for all leaders where we lift our heads from the fog of busyness to find ourselves on an unknown path. Knowing where we are isn’t exactly where we intended to be, we look to the past for clues to how we’ve landed in this spot. For many, this is the integral moment in which we come to realize that our internal and external selves have fallen out of alignment. Our guest on this episode of the Reboot Podcast is Shizu Okusa, Founder & CEO of Wellthy & Co. Feeling stagnant and unsure, Shizu looks to Jerry for support and clarity in discerning the best future for her company and herself. Like most leaders in a position of power, Shizu feels the pull of responsibility to her investors and employees to, “Do the right thing.” As the conversation develops, Jerry aids Shizu in unpacking how intergenerational familial trauma may have manifested as a set of subroutines, directly influencing how she shows up in leadership and life. Shizu begins to acknowledge the ways in which the shoulds of the past and the anxieties of the future limit herself from fully stepping into the now. Jerry reminds Shizu that radical self-inquiry is the catalyst for unraveling the unconscious threads that dictate our lives, the key to alignment between inner and outer, and the driving force for strengthening purpose and meaning. Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts! Follow our step by step guides: - How To: Leave a Review on Your Computer: - How To: Leave a Review on Your iPhone: Never miss an episode! Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on all our episode releases.
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