52 minutes | May 30, 2018

#004 | On Sensuality & Spirituality -- Elisa Popescu

Today, it is all about sensuality and spirituality. I sat down with Elisa Popescu, a Self-Discovery, Intimacy & Relationship expert. Elisa started in her early twenties as a personal nutrition consultant. It was her biggest passion back then. She enjoyed watching people get in shape. Elisa trained with men and that helped her get into deeper conversation with men. She listened, get to the root of their problems that led her to this pathway. What you will learn from this episode: What made Elisa work with men as her choice of expertise Masculine Energy Vs. Feminine Energy Seven Energy Centers in the Body Gender Stereotypes explained deeply by Elisa Women’s Four Core Psychological Needs   Key Takeaways For women, the relationship we have with our father sets the tone on how you relate to men later on in life As a man, the most important thing if you want to tapped into your masculinity, you have to figure out your finances and your place in the world Never communicate from a position lacking with a woman even though you are broke   Social Media Handles: Website Facebook Facebook Group Instagram YouTube Soundcloud LinkedIn  
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