58 minutes | May 9, 2018

#002 | The Mission. The Journey. -- Daniel DiPiazza

Daniel DiPiazza is the CEO and Founder of Rich20Something. He teaches millennials how to be entrepreneurs. It was not always the case. In this episode, Daniel shared a roadblock that made him question if there is a life out of his passion for writing. In middle school, kids that are good in Math always received praises from teachers. In the case of Daniel, he was only good at reading and writing. Peers and teachers started realizing that he was good at writing. Then questioned himself if there is a way where he can take writing to the center of his life and get paid for it. This is the path that led him to create a thrive that is Rich20Something. In today’s episode, we dive deep on how he was able to build a new life for himself, what made him realize that he can make money out of his passion and take a sneak peek on what Daniel is up to these days. What you will learn from this episode:  What are Daniel’s Harajuku Moments Find out his daily routine and how he develops the consistency to follow it Discover what is The Daily Dashboard How to focus on your mission The limiting belief for Daniel that stopped him for reaching his goal Creating massive outcomes while working a full-time job How to use humility as a tool Key Takeaways  Morning routines are very sexy right now. I'm not sure that it is the number one secret to success If you realize that you have the power to create the world around you, don't feel so anxious and downtrodden and I think a lot of young people feel like that because they're doing things for other people It came to a point where I knew that the thing that was holding me back was the belief. It was the belief that it was possible to create this life with this passion It's not important that you start the work, it's important that you finish the project Use the first hour to generate money or to generate more time Resources Rich20Something: Ditch Your Average Job, Start an Epic Business, and Score the Life You WantTao Te Ching People mentioned Tim Ferris Stephen Mitchell   Connect with Daniel Alpha Mentorship Website Facebook Instagram Twitter Facebook Group SnapChat
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