76 minutes | May 2, 2018

#001 | Beyond Homo Sapien -- Paul Tokgozoglu

Harvard University conducted a study about adult life. For 80 years, they were able to collect data on these people's physical and mental health. The study shows that "our relationships and how happy we are in our relationships have a powerful influence on our health." This is one topic, Paul and I spoke about in this first episode of The Reality Hacker Podcast. He also dives deep on doing a 10-day water challenge, his military mission in Germany and his future plans to revolutionize the education system. Paul will walk us through his journey and along the way you will get nuggets of wisdom you can apply on your life. What you will learn from this episode  Find out the reason why Paul lived in Germany How Paul discovered that he is autistic Did his condition affect his effectiveness serving in the military Paul’s Facebook Group and the reason why he started one Internet’s role to help us form an in-person relationship Paul’s morning routine Hear his plan to revolutionize the education system by creating a software that teaches people to learn through Artificial Intelligence Key Take Aways Trying to change the world is never easy and I think that's what we're all united in trying to do The Internet is the next step in human evolution Find that one thing every single day. The one thing that you could get done and then it will be a good day To change the world you have to start with education A lot of times the patience and the long game is the way to go Resources  TED talk about the Lessons from the longest study on happiness The Momentum Podcast Insight timer app Iron Will Rich20Something Homo Deus Sapiens     People mentioned Alex Charfen Tim Ferris Danny Raede Yuval Noah Harari Daniel DiPiazza   Connect with Paul Website Facebook Facebook Group Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast
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