38 minutes | Oct 11, 2021

Solo Episode: Battling Imposter Syndrome and Living with Intention 

Episode 130: A solo episode is long overdue so Natalie is jumping on the mic to fill The Real Reel community in on what’s been happening in her personal and work life. With her business, Rella, ramping up to launch in November, the stress has been building and Natalie opens up about the challenges she has been facing both emotionally and physically. It has been weighing on her heart to speak about her personal experience with imposter syndrome and share her story about constantly being underestimated as a woman in a male-dominated program in University. Flash forward— she graduated and none of her male counterparts that doubted her did! At 25, to say Natalie has accomplished a lot would be an understatement, but even with great amounts of success she still faces imposter syndrome regularly and has to work daily on building confidence. If you can relate to feeling like you don’t belong or find yourself constantly doubting your abilities, you’re not alone. This episode offers some strategies and guidance to quiet the inner critic and start growing your confidence.  Thank you so much for being a part of our podcast community! Please be sure to rate, follow, review, and of course, post to your highlight reel. Follow your host Natalie on Instagram @nataliebarbu and @therealreelpodcast. Thank you to our sponsors for making this episode possible. Check out these deals just for you: CANVA - Go to canva.me/realreel to get your FREE 45-day extended trial. QUIP - Go to getquip.com/realreel to save $10 on a quip Smart Electric Toothbrush. CUROLOGY - Go to curology.com/real for a free 30-day trial and just pay for shipping and handling! SMASH & TESS – Go to smashtess.com/realreell to shop and use code REALREEL at check out for 15% off your purchase! SHAMELESS PETS – Go to shamelesspets.com and use code realreel for 25% off.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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