56 minutes | Jun 7, 2021

Recreating the Puzzle Experience and Getting on the Shark Tank Stage With Kaylin Marcotte

Episode 112: Imagine heading up to the cottage, opening the closet doors, and pulling out your favorite (and likely very outdated) childhood puzzle. After the dust settles and you’ve found a home for every little piece, you put it away and go on with your day. While on a digital detox and in search of a practical mediation tool, CEO and Founder of Jiggy Puzzles, Kaylin Marcotte, discovered a huge piece missing in the puzzle industry. On today’s episode, the two entrepreneurs discuss Kaylin’s experience bootstrapping an entire company completely solo, pitching her product on Shark Tank, and building a community of puzzle lovers — who would have thought?! Kaylin supports up-and-coming female artists by featuring their artwork on Jiggy puzzles and includes all the tools you’ll need to put your masterpiece up on the wall. Who doesn’t want to showcase all that hard work? Tune in to hear how Kaylin built her wings on the way down and rejigged the puzzle experience.  

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