24 minutes | Jan 11th 2021

Using the BRRRR Method While Long-Distance Investing in Indianapolis from Denver | Women of Real Estate

Is your market too expensive to make the numbers work? Host Stacy Rossetti speaks with an investor from Denver who invests in Indianapolis using the BRRRR method to pull out money and reinvest. 

The conversation is about how to choose a market based on your strategy (appreciation versus cash flow), house hacking & lowering your living expenses, and taking about market predictions. If you are thinking about investing in long-distance or trying to choose a market, this is a great insight into how to carefully select, choose, and establish yourself in a new market. 

Link in the episode: 

  • https://new.carrot.com/features/

// Learn more about the host Stacy Rossetti - https://stacyrossetti.com/

/// Check out RentRedi --> RentRedi.com //  Watch the episode on YouTube --> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyrEn2BPdf4W_NJs6GF71vA 

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