21 minutes | Feb 8th 2021

How To Use Partnerships To Build & Hit Financial Freedom | Women of Real Estate

In this episode host, Stacy Rossetti speaks with Mandy McAllister, an investor who has leveraged partnerships to produce enough cash flow to hit financial freedom. She invests in Indianapolis, and her acquisitions include multifamilies such as fourplexes, apartments, and more. On top of these achievements, investing is still her side-hustle! This is a powerful conversation about value-add investing, and a deep dive into what your guiding success metric as an investor should be. They also tackle the topic of the "boys club", and how to make it a competitive advantage!  

// Learn more about the host Stacy Rossetti - https://stacyrossetti.com/
// Learn about Mandy McAllister https://www.mandymcallister.com/
/// Check out RentRedi --> RentRedi.com
///  Watch the episode on YouTube --> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyrEn2BPdf4W_NJs6GF71vA 

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