64 minutes | Jun 10, 2021

Sandy Munro - The Guy That's Behind The Design of Everything From Barbies To Golf Carts To Rockets

"Nothing world changing was ever done in a 40 hr work week"  "Tesla moves at the speed of thought and so do the Chinese" "Cameras should replace mirrors in cars""Tesla is 5-8 years ahead of the rest of the market" Episode SummaryOn The RazReport, Jason talks to Sandy- the inventor Elon consulted with on the SpaceX Design Meeting about his life, his magic behind the golf carts, his Ford years and what he thinks about Tesla.How Sandy revolutionized golf cartsHow he reduced 30% of the parts on Ford Taurus - Ford's best selling car everThe trip he made in the blizzard in a Tesla to SpaceX to meet with ElonThe 3Ds Robotics should replace in human work forceand much more.Host:Jason Raznick- Founder, CEO of BenzingaResources:https://leandesign.com/ Sandy with Elon:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAtLTLiqNwgSign Up to Benzinga Pro today to receive most exclusive interviews, news and stock picks fast!https://pro.benzinga.com/Free 2 week trial, no credit card requiredUse coupon code YOUTUBE20 to get 20% offFor more episodes of The RazReport:https://www.benzinga.com/money/podcast-show/razreport-stories-of-inspiration/
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