27 minutes | Jul 30th 2020

9: 3 Tips for Taking Charge of Your Therapy and Medical Team

Take your rightful place at the head of your child’s care team and watch everyone benefit from it. Initially, parents often must surrender a lot of their control to experts when their child has extra needs.

In this solo episode, I share my own evolution in owning my leadership role in my son’s intervention. I also detail strategies I’ve found helpful and revolutionary in really growing into the role of leader in his therapy team in a way that truly benefits my child. This includes simple things like calling your provider by name, minimizing the care team and tasks, and customizing goals to you and your child.

This episode can be beneficial both to new and more seasoned parents, as well as therapists and medical professionals.

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"Now it feels more like they are educated advisors to me."

Hi, you're listening to The Rare Life. Today I have a solo episode for you. I chose to talk about taking charge of your medical and therapy team.

A little side note before we jump into the episode, I would like to invite all my listeners--special needs parents and others included--to share what you've thought of Season 1 so far and your favorite takeaway, which might be something you've been able to implement and had success with, a thought from a parent that resonated with you, or any kind of meaningful experience you've had with the episodes you've listened to in Season 1. Please do that in the form of a review on either iTunes or if you are not an iTunes listener, you can send it in through the contact form on my website, therarelifepodcast.com and I will put a link to that in the show notes. For the Season 1 finale episode in September I will read a few of these and respond.

Alright, back to taking charge; Kimball has had many therapies in his short life, as far as he has had feeding therapy, physical therapy hearing specialist, a vision specialist, a deaf blind specialist, a developmental specialist, as well as tons of medical specialists. So, this is a huge deal to me. And I will kind of outline where I'm going with this you have a little roadmap. First I will talk about the evolution of my taking charge-ness and I have three tips for taking charge. I will talk about befriending your therapist and medical team, prioritizing, and letting them help you. So let's dive right in....