27 minutes | Jul 23rd 2020

8: Advocating Using the FIG Method with Dr. Saperstein

FIG is an acronym to guide advocacy for your child. They are the three considerations you should take when advocating for your child, according to audiologist Dr. Lilach Saperstein. FIG stands for:

F: familiarity

I: intention

G: goal

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My journey with Kimball’s hearing loss on Dr. Saperstein’s podcast: https://allaboutaudiology.com/all-about-deaf-plus-and-rare-disorders-episode-41-with-madeline-cheney/

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Link to get a workbook with the FIG method: https://allaboutaudiology.com/fig/


In this case you do need to bring all that mama bear energy and papa bear you know guardian energy. Come and get it like this is the time to bring out all of that energy and fight for your kid. But like save it when it's a kid on the playground who doesn't get it.

Madeline Cheney  
Hi, I'm your host Madeline Cheney and you're listening to episode 8 of The Rare Life: advocating for your child using the fig method with Dr. Lilach Saperstein. Dr. Saperstein created what she calls the FIG method for advocating for your child. We will obviously get into more details about it but just an overview, FIG is an acronym. So each letter in fig stands for a consideration you should take when knowing how and if you should advocate for your child. F stands for familiarity. I stands for intent, and G stands for goal. I really appreciate this practical approach to something as complex and emotionally charged as advocacy. This is a great follow up to last week's special topic episode with mom Emily as she talked about her own experience and educating others about her daughter Nora. These episodes really work well together...