30 minutes | Jul 16th 2020

7: Educating Others About Your Child’s Differences w/ Emily Young

Emily’s mission is to help the others see past her daughter Nora’s differences and treat her like anyone else; and she has had plenty of experience doing so.

In this episode, she shares things she’s learned from it, like when to speak up and when to drop it and how to set the example for siblings and eventually Nora to be able to speak up on her behalf.

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Madeline Cheney  
Emily, welcome back to the show.

Thanks for having me again.

Madeline Cheney  
Okay, we're going to talk today about educating others as your special topic, which I love since you are a special education teacher, so educating someone just makes so much sense for your topic. And what is your purpose and educating others about Nora?

I think my biggest goal when I'm educating about Nora is for people to understand that just because she's small, it doesn't mean that she isn't capable. Even now at two I find that people think of her as a baby, not a toddler, even though she's walking around and talking and communicating and that initially when people see her they just Oh, what a cute little baby which is nice. I know. They don't mean any harm by it, but it just kind of gives me a glimpse into the future of what people are gonna think given her size, and she'll never really be average height. So I worry that people will think because she's small, she's not capable, or that she's much younger than she is not smart. She doesn't understand what people are saying. But she does...