70 minutes | Jul 6, 2020

Sykotics Podcast - Rajah Mahdi & Franc Grams

On todays episode of the Sykotics Podcast, a recap to the past weeks IG Live interviews hosted by Money Masonn. He is joined by artists Rajah Mahdi and Franc Grams. For artists looking for some exposure or interviews to promote their latest project, email us at rapaddictsmag@gmail.com or send us a direct message to our Instagram page; @Rapaddictsmag.  Subscribe to The Rap Addicts Podcast for constant updates on Hip Hop Geeks as the boys pull back the curtain on the music industry. Hosted By: Money Masonn Rap Addicts: Instagram Facebook Twitter   Rajah Mahdi - “Leo” IG: @IMRajahMahdi   Franc Grams - “In The Way” IG: @FrancGrams
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