44 minutes | Apr 4th 2016

3: Speech Impediment to professional speaker w/ Jason Freeman

I am very excited for the release of this episode. You'll get to hear exactly how Jason Freeman went from speech impediment to leaving audiences speechless as a motivational speaker and coach. Jason has also recently appeared on John Lee Dumas' Podcast "Entrepreneur on fire". Being born with an handicap is tough, especially when it's with the number one vehicle of communication(yes speech is, not texting!) However Jason had a choice as we all do. Jason could have easily sat back and collected government checks as many do and there wouldn't have been anything wrong with that but he chose to separate his fear from who he is as a person and overcome his situation. Now, he's actually proud of his voice. Does it seem like you could ever be proud of your crutch? "But JR I have kids, but JR I have a disorder, I have this, I have that, me me me." Think of the title of your episode of this podcast when you overcome whatever your crutch is, in other words your story of victory. It's okay to be afraid. Just realize the fear is not apart of who you are. Let me say that again, FEAR IS AN EMOTION NOT A PERSONALITY TRAIT. Objectify fear, Visualize it as an item and place it on the table in front of you. Listen to it, Observe it, Now you can decide what to do with that fear. Let it influence your decisions or let it exist freely but not hold you back. Jasons' Website JasonWFreeman.com Our info Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/RagsToNiches/ Twitter handle: @Rags2Niches Email:JR@Ragstonichespodcast.com  
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