24 minutes | Oct 2, 2021

RTP 18- INTRO SUMMARY - The Cryptocurrency Path to Vietnam with Tai Zen

Tai Zen  is the #1 expert about cryptocurrency, here in Vietnam. He was an early adopter  and started a youtube channel  WAY back in 2013. He and all of his fellow early adopters are now all multi multi millionaires. In this episode This episode we do NOT talk about:-The subtle details of how  crypto currencies  work. -We say nothing about staking, mining, key signatures, or alt coins…   -No Trading advice nor any inside news or tips about any coin.   Instead we DO talk about:The effect that crypto currency has had on our lives andHow it effects travel, work, and the future of retiring abroad. Tai’s dynamic  rollercoaster life. He got one of the oldest  crypto youtube channels  in BOTH  englishAND these days he is the NUMBER 1  crypto guy in Vietnamese. https://www.youtube.com/c/CryptocurrencyMarkethttps://www.youtube.com/c/phuongphapthanhcongPieter talks about what it’s like living on crypto in Vietnam here. We talk in detail about the meaning of retirement runway.   And how moving to Vietnam may be the key for you. We dig into the cost of living and how our life got MORE luxurious.  After we retiring young ,  what happens next?  Tai runs a few bootcamps to help people get started https://cryptocurrency.market/start/If you want a quick takeaway summary then  here it is:  Sell EVERYTHING you’ve got ,  you car, your life savings, the clothes off your back Slap it ALL into Bitcoin and Etherium and move your ass to Vietnam.  More than likely you’re set for life  The rest is just commentary.  I hope you really enjoy  RTP 19  - The Cryptocurrency  Path  to Vietnam with Tai Zen  Find this all episodes on my website:https://phuckhangvietschool.wtf/radical-traveler-podcast/
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