129 minutes | Aug 1, 2021

15 - Cultivating a Multi-Language Family with Sarah Tarvin

My guest today Sarah is TRUE  champion!  Her specialty is consulting and helping multi-language families.  She also focuses on parents that want to give the gift of multilingualism to their childrenShe walks the walk   while raising her newborn in 8 languages  A polyglot is a speaker of 5 or more languages.  Speaking 2 languages is  cool ,   3  is  awesome, and 5 is   GANGSTER!  Sarah and I both are polyglots so we can really get into detail  Likewise we both consult people in this niche.   But she is definitely  next  level !  You can find out more about Sarah here: https://www.polyglotandtot.com/She offers this free guide to help international parents: https://www.polyglotandtot.com/blog/free-multilingual-parenting-planning-workbookYou can find this podcast on my website: https://phuckhangvietschool.wtf/radical-traveler-podcast/You can contact me  Brad Hirsch here: https://phuckhangvietschool.wtf/contact-brad/ Here’s a summary of the episode-We discussed life as a bilingual couple.  -We put to rest the myth that babies learn faster than adults-The advantages   of find a  non-native language tutor  -The joys of teaching a child world languages -Having a private language as a couple  -We discuss the learning Language in travel -Why is a language NOT  monolithic  NOT a  TOSSUP   all or nothing -The advantages of learning a language at the bar -The importance of sign language to ground yourself  -The strategy of deciding one day a week per language  -The value of movies and netflix  -Compare  methodologies  programs and strategies  -Finding a tutor  -Finally we discuss why immersion alone won’t work for you.  Buckle up!!!   The Radical Traveler Podcast - Episode  15  Cultivating a  Multi-language family  with Sarah Tarvin
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