84 minutes | Mar 22, 2021

10 - Ultra Running Around the World with Matty Dyas

My guest today Matty Dyas. He’s an ultramarathoner,  adventure traveller,  and a tour  guide for outdoor  adventure holidays around the world.  I’ve been an outdoorsman  marathoner and triathlete for years.  For some people  its an intense competition,Yet for many people including me, distance running and biking is a meditation. And I’m a lover of the great outdoors  and the connection with nature.  Matty here of course took all this to the NEXT LEVEL   Compared to him, we’re all rookies.  This hour together is POWERFUL and inspiring.  Matty could tell you stories  for a hundred hours and you’ll be at the edge of your seat.   As usual, Here’s a quick summary of the episode and you can decide if it’s worth an hour of your time:First we zoom into some of the most interesting places Matty has beenA few years ago Matty ran 109k and won the skyrun in Slovakia Matty also shares some champion tips to win first place in a super difficult raceWe dig even deeper on some of the running tours he’s led in unique places of eastern europe.He shares some tips for folks planning a adventure or fitness holiday trip around the world. What does travel really mean and what are some big takeaways? He’s gotten the chance to go to a huge list of  countries What does being an ethical and responsible traveller really mean? What is the ultramarathon community like and how does Matty feel about his fellow runners?Finally we dig into Matty’s personal motivations for running  including his  most interesting personal challenges  Whether you’re a runner or not  you’ll find every bit of this episode wonderfully interesting!  You can read more about Matty including his podcast  Travel Bubble: https://linktr.ee/travelbubblepodcastMy website has a lot of other interesting things that may be useful to you  (all free)https://phuckhangvietschool.wtf/You can find the music used in the podcast here from the legend Jim Yosef: https://ncs.io/artist/210/jim-yosefcheers!
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