79 minutes | Jan 13, 2021

07 - Getting Married in Vietnam

It’s time for one of my favorite and most joyful topics:  Getting Married in Vietnam.  In this episode we’re sitting down with brother Quinten.  He’s been married for a while now and is living here in Hue city.  He’s a winner!   Incredibly thoughtful, a fun guy and  A perfect Gentleman.  Together we cover a lot of aspects of getting married in Vietnam  including: Courtship and dating  Adapting cultures and mentalities  The tossup of where to live  and Making the leap to building a future in Vietnam.  What are many of the steps involved with actually getting married? What happens during the initial ceremony at home? How do you rent a venue and how does a wedding reception proceed?How wedding gifts workInviting friends and family to Vietnam and how to manage the countless details.We also briefly touch on  the paperwork side including affidavits and visas.   Finally we talk about having the right approach and mindset.  Take it slow!  Don’t try to rush or shortcut the unfolding. As Quinten puts it   “you’ve got to experience the experience”I’m a consultant on this topic and have worked with countless people about dating, weddings, and marriage.  Getting married can be the #1 best decision and most joyful element in your life Or the biggest and ugliest disaster.  I’d like to help give you dear listener  some perspective and some things to think about as you discover your own journey.  https://phuckhangvietschool.wtf/contact-brad/
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