78 minutes | Jul 4th 2020

#030 Self Care: Randi Kay, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor.

"We have to approach our healing day to day; moment to moment if we are going to change who we are over time." - Randi Kay ... This episode features Randi Kay, a massage therapist and yoga instructor from Fargo, North Dakota who helps her clients discover intuitive healing that leads to the best self-care for their body. She has her own podcast called “Simple Self-care” where she interviews guests and shares her own wisdom on simplifying,  seasonal living, and intelligent body awareness. She has been featured on "The Minimalists" podcast and I am grateful to have the opportunity to speak with her. Please enjoy this episode with Randi Kay! Learn more about Randi Kay... www.naturallyrandikay.com/simplenature www.naturallyrandikay.com/podcast www.instagram.com/naturallyrandikay www.naturallyrandikay.com/newsletter
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