46 minutes | Jun 10th 2020

#029 Fat Positive Wellness: Jamie Boer, RMT

Content Warning: This episode includes topics of weight, eating disorders, and diet culture. ... “All bodies have pain- big and small. All sizes can experience pain and a lot of the time it doesn’t have to do with your weight” - Jamie Boer, RMT ... Jamie Boer, RMT recently opened a welcoming massage space for everyBODY!  She is the owner of Eastwood Wellness Co in Toronto, Canada, and she encourages a massage clinic that provides a safe place to receive a massage with no judgments,  no body shaming, and no unsolicited advice.  As a woman with a bigger body she has had her own experiences of feeling judged by health care practitioners and in her ten years as an RMT she never quite felt like she "fit in" wherever she was working.  When she was given the opportunity to open her own clinic, she knew that nothing felt more right.  Listen to Jamie's story about radical self-acceptance, why chairs without armrests in your waiting room are important, and why we as RMTs need to remember what is in our scope of practice- and what is not when it comes to our opinion of a "healthy body".  Please enjoy and share this episode!
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