48 minutes | May 27th 2020

#028 Adventures from Karen's Clinic: Karen Munro-Caple, RMT

“I find humour a really quick way to connect and a quick way to find out about my client” - Karen Munro-Caple ... If you have been an RMT for even a short amount of time it is likely you have noticed a very relatable cartoon called "Adventures from Karen's Clinic."  This episode introduces you to the woman behind the cartoon and how it came to be a monthly feature of the RMTAO "Friday File"  Karen was in animation for over 20 years working in Canada and Internationally creating some of the most beloved cartoons you may have grown up with such as The Racoons, Scooby-Doo, and Inspector Gadget.  Learn how and why she became a Registered Massage Therapist and why she loves being her own boss!  Karen is an advocate for creativity, joy, and finding the humour even with serious topics like pain or a pandemic.  I hope you enjoy listening to this episode! I enjoyed creating it!  ... http://www.adventuresfromkarensclinic.com/
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