31 minutes | May 20th 2020

#027 The Massage Therapy Podcast: Heather Rivers, RMT and Nicole Andrews, RMT

"If we can impact positively on one person's life then we've won in our minds!" -Heather Rivers and Nicole Andrews. The Massage Therapy Podcast ... I was very excited to connect virtually with Heather and Nicole about their very own podcast "The Massage Therapy Podcast" where they discuss the latest in Massage Therapy, health care, and more.  These two are colleagues with over 13 years of experience and now podcast partners who are both passionate about the massage profession and they love to teach and educate to both massage therapists and to show clients a behind the scenes view about what life is like as an RMT. The podcast also gives them an opportunity to share their opinions over a cup of tea! I'm in!  Please enjoy this episode!  www.theradicalrmt.com I also had the pleasure to be on The Massage Therapy Podcast! You can check out that episode HERE
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