32 minutes | May 13th 2020

#026: Learn More and Prolong Your Career. Zephyr Samchuck, RMT

"People are always really excited for you to try and better yourself and to try and learn more...at the end of the day it’s going to help your clients and you’re going to be more fulfilled and happier from it." - Zephyr Samchuck ... Zephyr became an RMT in 2014 and has attracted a steady clientele in only a few years. She is a mom who feels that the massage career has been the biggest blessing to allow for the flexibility of her schedule.  As she progresses in her career she was thinking about the importance of her own self-care and how she could maintain her practice for another twenty years.  She is now two years into a four-year program studying towards her M.OMSc (Manipulative Osteopathic Sciences) at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in Hamilton, ON. Zephyr lives in Ottawa and commutes to Hamilton for a week once a month to complete her training while committing the other 3 weeks to her massage practice.  While Zephyr was in massage therapy college she worked part-time as the receptionist for Align Massage Therapy. The experience gave her first-hand observation as a massage therapy student and a sense of what the career would eventually look like, especially the relationship between client and therapist. She was able to ask questions directly to RMTs in the field and bonus, she became part of the team upon completing her registration! I hope you enjoy this episode with Zephyr :) www.theradicalrmt.com
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