37 minutes | Apr 29th 2020

#024 Slow Medicine Company. Megan Hoskins, RMT.

"I named my company in a way that reminded me to slow down and kept me researching ways to slow down so that I could share it with other people." - Megan Hoskins  Megan Hoskins, owner of Slow Medicine company is a Registered Massage Therapist since 2004 and a yoga instructor with over 26 years of experience.  Her business is located in Toronto and it brings wellness programs into the workplace to encourage movement. She also created online programming so it would be more accessible and affordable.  During this time of Covid-19 she stays connected to her community by offering massage training for couples on Instagram Live and a hydration challenge on her website. She encourages other massage therapists to consider what other skills you can offer or to learn a new skill during this time that ties in but, could pivot your business.  She is a wife and a mother of 2 young boys.  It was a pleasure speaking with Megan, and I hope you enjoy this episode! www.theradicalrmt.com
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