70 minutes | Apr 15th 2020

#022 Connecting. Ian Kamm, RMT, Teacher.

"This is an opportunity for us collectively to reassure our clients and the general public that we are doing everything we can to take their health and safety into account" - Ian Kamm, RMT ... Ian has over 23 years of experience in and around massage therapy and his passion for the profession is not letting up.  He has an excellent reputation among RMTs for his courses held in favourable warm destinations (Vegas, Turks and Caicos, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and more). He also teaches at Sutherland Chan helping to bring the next wave of RMTs into the world with some business sense.  He has an innate ability to explain the complicated or confusing and he thrives on it. He says that teaching has helped him to develop this skill and he is often sought out for his explanations not only by his students but, the general RMT population as well.  Ian works in his own clinic and has a loyal clientele who will gladly drive across the city of Toronto for his signature techniques.  Ian not only finds opportunities to travel for his courses but, he loves running and triathlons so when he can, he loves to do both in one destination!  I was very excited to chat with Ian and I hope you enjoy this episode! www.theradicalrmt.com
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