45 minutes | Feb 19th 2020

#019 Be The One Making The Final Decisions. Emily Burns, RMT.

"I think the best massage therapists are problem solvers" - Emily Burns, RMT ... Emily started her career path in massage therapy after deciding that her undergrad and future in psychology would mostly be research based when what she really wanted to do was work with people. She has recently transitioned from independent contractor to working for herself in her own space and she loves that “[she] gets to do what [she] wants and nobody cares.” From her undergrad days she was interested in brain injuries, and head and neck trauma which is what she enjoys treating most in her practice. After she experienced her own concussion in 2016 and works on her own recovery, she has more tools and confidence to help her own clients who also have concussions. She is a wine nerd and is pursuing courses which may lead to a second career as a sommelier. Emily is teaching in the massage therapy program and wants her students to be good massage therapists, not just have a goal to pass the exams. ​We talk about negotiating as a woman, touch on applying minimalism when making a career decision and also how women gravitate towards caring professions and it seems expected that we should give more without compensation. I hope you tune in to this episode and enjoy learning more! www.theradicalrmt.com
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