59 minutes | Feb 5th 2020

#018 The Most Technologically Advanced RMT in Canada. Scott Grisewood, RMT.

"I'm more let's get in the trenches and get our hands dirty and do the best job we can to get people's lives turned around!" - Scott Grisewood, RMT ... Scott Grisewood has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 1994. He was one of the first practitioners to introduce Shockwave Therapy in Canada and developed his own treatment approach using this new technology on his massage clients. Now, he travels around the world treating hundreds of professional and amateur athletes with his "portable human performance lab." This includes a few key pieces of equipment that give him precise assessment results that help in his treatments and it provides key information to the athlete, coach, and trainer. ​Scott owns Shockwave Therapy Centre in Barrie, Ontario, Canada and enjoys living close to his family which now includes some grandchildren. The technology that Scott uses is fascinating and I hope you enjoy hearing about it maybe for your own practice, or because you can help direct a patient/client to someone using this same technology to help them breakthrough an injury or to reach the next level in training. It is also a nice reminder of how fortunate we are as massage therapists to apply our knowledge and skills in ways that are outside the box.  Also, check out Part II of this episode where Scott covers more about the technologies and why we should embrace them as evidence based practitioners! www.theradicalrmt.com
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