58 minutes | Jan 22nd 2020

#017 Taking a break may solidify your passion for massage. Sandra Rosten, MT

"I knew if I wanted to do this again and do it for as long as possible, I knew I would need to pace myself" - Sandra Rosten ... Feeling burnt out emotionally and physically from your massage career? Curious about what it would look like if you took some time off from your practice and tried a new career path? Would it solidify your decision to leave massage therapy? Or would it solidify your passion for it? Sandra (Sandy) Rosten has been practicing as a massage therapist in the province of Manitoba for 16 years now. But, there was a time that she wasn’t pacing herself and she wasn’t sure how long she could keep up. She was raising a family, running her massage practice from home and she was having a hard time saying “no” to appointments. She allowed herself to step away from massage and try something different. Would it mean she would leave massage forever? She would only know if she took the leap! I hope you enjoy hearing her story. www.theradicalrmt.com
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