53 minutes | Jan 1st 2020

#016 Your Personal Growth and Development Journey. Richard J Platt. Massage Success Mindset

"If a goal doesn't scare and excite you at the same time, then it's probably not worth doing and it's not an audacious goal" - Richard J Platt ... Richard J Platt is a retired massage therapist and clinical hypnotherapist. He is a published author and business success coach who currently lives in Vancouver BC. Welcome to 2020 friends! It is time to embark on your personal growth and development journey! Not sure how to get started? I am excited to introduce Richard who is passionate about helping massage therapists create audacious career goals and create a clearly defined plan to get there. In this episode, you will learn how it is easier than you may think to create the massage practice and lifestyle of your dreams. Check out this episode with Richard and please see his resources below to go even further! www.theradicalrmt.com
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