25 minutes | May 8, 2018

EP4: The Honeymoon Phase

Welcome to the fourth podcast episode! What You’ll Learn in This Episode First, I have to say we have got R2R Merch live!! We’ve also got some tactical gear, like my favorite gloves, in the store and we’re going to continue to be adding to it. If you want to stay up to date with the newest merch, be sure to sign up for the newsletter! Now for the message of the episode. We all know the honeymoon phase when it pertains to relationships. We are all “heart-eyes” for each other and the slightly annoying characteristics are totally ok with us. There’s a scene in the animated movie “Bambi”, yes the Disney movie, where a character referred to this phase as being “triggerpated”. In my early 30s, I purchased a Stevens Bolt Action Rifle 330 because I was in a situation where I felt I needed to have one. However, I never really took it to the range because let’s be honest, a shotgun at a range isn’t really too much fun. In the last couple of years, I’ve been in a position where I could finally start growing my arsenal and I picked up some new guns and that’s when I became triggerpated. I had become so enthusiastic about firearms because I really immersed myself in the tactical world and I was discovering the best firearms, the best scopes, the best targets, and so on. It’s often looked upon as someone that’s being enthusiastic about something isn’t being serious, and that’s not always true.  So, I acknowledge the honeymoon phase of my own journey, call it what it was, and move on. We also address a listener question regarding the Belgian Malinois breed and expand a little on some things we talked about it the previous podcast with Lead Trainer PJ.  The question: “How come I’ve never heard of a Belgian Malinois?  What is it?” Items Mentioned R2R T-Shirts aren’t enough anymore – we are selling gear too! 4:33 – The message: The honeymoon phase 6:45 – My First Gun 13:22 – It’s ok to have fun 15:39 – Don’t be that guy: Almost accidentally shooting a range attendant 19:30 – What is a Belgian Malinois?   Thanks for listening! Help Out the Show: Give me your honest feedback and leave a review and/or rating on iTunes or Stitcher. I’ll be able to reach even more Rookies! Be sure to subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher. Share Your Thoughts: To tell me what you think of this episode or ask me a question, click right here! Hang out with me on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube! To share this episode with your friends, click the social buttons below
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