25 minutes | Apr 6, 2018

EP2: The AR-15 – Ban or No Ban?

Welcome to the second podcast episode! We’re a few months into 2018 now and there have been multiple tragedies already involving guns. Now, there are kids taking a stand against full and semi-automatic weapons and we’re going to talk about what I think about banning the AR-15! What You’ll Learn in This Episode In this episode, I’m talking about what’s been going on since the first podcast and why it took so long to get a second one up! I’m also talking about the potential ban on the AR-15 and my thoughts on whether or not it should happen. Hint: it’s not about the AR-15! Check it out below and enjoy! Items Mentioned 6:30 – Updates & Changes 9:00 – Changed My Political View 10:00 – The Elephant In The Room 21:00 – Gear Mentioned: 5.11 Tactical Boots Thanks for listening! Help Out the Show: Give me your honest feedback and leave a review and/or rating on iTunes or Stitcher. I’ll be able to reach even more Rookies! Be sure to subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher. Share Your Thoughts: To tell me what you think of this episode or ask me a question, click right here! Hang out with me on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube! To share this episode with your friends, click the social buttons below
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