58 minutes | Apr 22, 2021

#089: Trauma Sensitivity as an Online Leader with Lisa Kuzman

Safety is essential when it comes to showing up in our lives and businesses every. single. day. And one of the biggest and most complex reasons we don't feel safe in our own bodies at times is because we've undergone a form of trauma.  There is a huge spectrum to navigate this space, and that's why I'm honoured to bring in my dear friend and mentor today to talk about this. This is none other than the amazing Lisa Kuzman, Trauma Sensitive Leadership Coach and Educator. In this episode, we're talking about: - What *is* trauma? - How do we honour the word without overusing, diluted or misrepresenting it? - The dangers of calling yourself "Trauma Informed", and what to do instead - The 3 Layers of Trauma Support - How to Diversify Your Healing Modalities for your Trauma And so. much. more. *Trigger Warning* - there are brief mentions of sexual assault, kidnapping, miscarriage, and racism. So please take extra care of yourself and tune into your needs when listening to this episode, my friend.  This is by far one of the most important conversations we've ever had on the podcast, and it's certainly an ongoing conversation to continually add layers to. *This episode is sponsored by my Ultimate Podcast Guesting Workshop Series - to get early bird access, click here: https://pitchworkshop.maikeetsang.com/ * For the links mentioned in this episode to connect with Lisa, go to: www.MaikeeTsang.com/089
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