33 minutes | Apr 15, 2021

#088: An Honest Update After Life Decided to Throw an Unexpected Curveball

If there's one thing you can count on me for, it's the fact that I'm consistently inconsistent.  After life threw its unexpected curveball a few weeks ago, it uprooted a lot of things behind the scenes...  ...and today, I'm giving you a deeper look into what it's like running a business when things *so* close to home manage to throw a monkey wrench in the cogs. So, today you'll expect to hear more about: - What Asian Hate Crimes Meant for Me Personally, and What That Meant for my Business - The WOC Resonance Survey Research I'm doing for East & South East (ESEA) Women in Business - The Origins of the Asian Online Business Directory Non-Profit Passion Project - The Shift in My Messaging Now Focusing on Underestimated & Underrepresented Voices - The Real Reason Why Podcast Guesting Means the World to Me... and Why I Talk About Nearly Everywhere I Go Links mentioned in this episode: - *Time Sensitive - Deadline is Friday 16th April at 9pm BST* Apply for the Asian Online Business Directory if you identify as Asian to any degree, wherever you are on or off the gender spectrum, and you have a service-based online business: https://maikeetsang.com/asian-directory - Join the Waitlist for the Ultimate Podcast Guesting Workshop Series (Coming in April 2021!): https://pitchworkshop.maikeetsang.com/
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