45 minutes | Mar 4, 2021

#085: Bio-Hacking Your Sleep For Increased Productivity with Tanessa Shears

Do you know the difference between Brain Fog vs Genuine Tiredness? I mean, I often make fun of myself for having brain farts, but I guess there's a point where it goes from a laughing matter to a sign of a deeper issue to focus on. That's why I'm so excited to have Health Consultant, Tanessa Shears, onto the Quiet Rebels Podcast who came in to share about: 💤 Knowing Your Chrono Type (i.e. Settling the Early Birds vs Night Owls debate) 💤 How to Be the Scientist of Your Schedule (Being Aware of Your Personal High/Low Energy States) 💤 3 Areas to Improve Your Sleep So You Can Increase Memory Retention, Creativity and Reduce Your Cognitive Load And so. much. more! As entrepreneurs, we rely on our creativity to create innovative solutions, offers, and messages to change our corner of the world. So... how about we help ourselves along by taking care of our health a bit more? I'm right there with you 🙏 For all the links mentioned in this episode, head to: www.MaikeeTsang.com/085
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