49 minutes | Feb 11, 2021

#082: Uncovering Your Clients' Deepest Needs with Nicola Moors

If you've ever crossed your fingers, hoping that your message is going to land when you're launching a new offer -- maybe we can help with that. In today's super insightful and hella practical episode, I've brought on journalist-turned-copywriter Nicola Moors onto the show to share how we can help to uncover our clients' deepest needs *before* we launch.   In our conversation we cover: - The 3+ different types of research to uncover your clients' needs, and how to remove confirmation bias in the process - The logistics of *how* to set up market research interviews - Actionable tips to conduct a rich research interview (even as an introvert!) - A live demo of a short, but effective interview - Nic's Personal PI Framework to help you research like Sherlock Holmes And, so. much. more! For all the links mentioned in this episode, go to: www.MaikeeTsang.com/082
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