46 minutes | Dec 31, 2020

#076: Personalising Your Productivity with Carina Lawson, Founder of Ponderlily

This is the episode where you’ll discover where ease and efficiency meet in your life, as you’ll learn a holistic method to personalise your productivity. Our special guest today is none other than Carina Lawson, Founder, of Ponderlily which is a company that specialises in sustainable stationery.   In this episode we cover: Taking the shame out of being a night owl (if you are one), and aligning your work with your own rhythm 4 Ways to say no (without actually saying it) Productivity Hacks to Be Aware Of, and Possibly Avoid/Reframe (*Cough, Morning Routine, Cough*) And soooo much more (including why Carina doesn't like making almond, nor do I like making my own Oat milk) For the links mentioned (and our special discount code!) in this episode, go to: www.MaikeeTsang.com/076
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