42 minutes | Dec 18, 2020

#075: Planning for Your Future Well-Being & Finances with Laurie Bodisch

For many of us, 2020 has been the theoretical monkey wrench that got thrown into the cogs of our lives this year. And when that happened, it became abundantly clear to us how strong our foundations really are (or rather, aren't). That's why in today's episode, we venture into the much-needed conversations about how to plan for an uncertain future in our business.  ...and while no one likes to talk about this, my guest and I even speak about you MUST have in place for your family *if* something were to suddenly happen to you.

Today's guest is none other than Laurie Bodisch who is a Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA™), and founder of Her Wealth Coach.  In this episode, we talk about:

- How to seamlessly step into the state of abundance vs scarity

- Recommended ratios to divy up your finances for your personal and professional expenses (yup, that means taxes too!)

- What is a PDL and why we MUST have it to help our families 

And so much more.

To get access to the shownotes for this episode and to connect with Laurie, go to www.MaikeeTsang.com/075

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